Grenaa Diesel

In 1907 only 1 year after the factory was founded, the first Grenaa engine was delivered to a ship.

Grenaa Diesels are developed especially for ships propulsion. This has resulted in an exceptional flexibility of operation in the complete power map. A Grenaa has a very low fuel consumption and a high torque in the complete speed range.

It is virtually impossible to wear out a Grenaa Diesel. We know of Grenaa’s which have been installed in up to 3 new vessels one after the other once the former ships were decommissioned.

The Grenaa Diesel is a simple and well designed machine. It is difficult to damage and easy to repair. We believe that electronics have no place on a true marine engine. Your Grenaa will continue in the darkness and take you home even if all electricity on board fails.

Grenaa Diesel systems:

  • Complete ship propulsion systems (engine, reduction gear, CP-propeller)
  • Grenaa Diesel main engines
  • Grenaa reduction gears and CP-propellers

Grenaa Diesels are particularly well suited for professional work vessels e.g. fishing vessels, freighters or passenger vessels. In these installations the owners will have the full benefit of the high propulsion efficiency, low operational costs and exceptional reliability.

The unique sailing comfort on board vessels with Grenaa Diesels due to the low noise and vibration levels is a further bonus which is highly appreciated by crew and passengers every day. This also induces a keen interest from owners of Mega-yachts.

Grenaa Diesel systems fulfill all requirements from classification societies, IMO and Solas.