Grenaa wind turbine gearboxes

Grenaa Motorfabrik has been involved in the wind turbine industry since the 1980’s. Initially as a component manufacturer and later we developed into being the first independent gearbox repair factory.

Gear factory dedicated to wind turbine gearbox service solutions

Grenaa Motorfabrik has designed, manufactured and repaired gearboxes since 1906. Our combination of engineering solutions, production factory, craftsmanship and customer service ensures gearboxes and repair solutions which adds maximum value to our clients.

Improved exchange gearboxes – as components or including installation

Grenaa Motorfabrik delivers exchange gearboxes which as minimum have the reliability of the original gearbox. In most cases we have improved solutions with longer service life. We have a very wide selection of models ready on stock which we deliver as components to service companies or as turn-key installation projects to turbine owners.

Innovative repair solutions – performed in your on- or off-shore turbines

Repairs which can be performed in the turbines give substantial cost savings. Grenaa Motorfabrik has developed the most innovative in-situ repairs on the market. Our unique combination of experience in wind turbines, gearbox engineering and machining allows us to deliver an exceptional value at limited costs.

Complete improved wind turbines, second life to dismantled turbines

Total refurbishment and up-grade of second hand wind turbines which are to be re-installed at a new site is a reliable and very competitive alternative to brand new wind turbines.